Margot Thiry (1987) is a French designer, artist and researcher based in Paris.

She graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013 (bachelor of design) and from École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris in 2021 (master's degree of product design).

Her projects are punctuated with residencies, teaching workshops and lectures in France and abroad.

Since 2015, she works as a product and space freelance designer, mainly in the fields of image and fashion.

Margot is now the founder of Thiry & Filles specialized in scenography, set design, art direction, retail design and production.

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Sight Unseen magazine (USA), 2021
Elle décoration (FR), 2019
Eigenhuis&Interieur (NL), 2015
Speciality fabrics (USA), 2014
Frame magazine (NL), 2013
Design Observer (USA), 2012

Solo exhibitions

Thiry-Filliatreau, gallery Maurice & la matelasserie, Paris (FR), 2019
Thiry-Filliatreau, gallery Guadalajara90210, Guadalajara (MX), 2019
“Nomad”, Moa contemporary art museum, Séoul (KR), 2014

Collective exhibitions

Thiry-Filliatreau Collectible design fair, Bruxelles (BE), 2020
Lafayette Anticipation, Arebours, Paris (FR), 2019
MODO museum, Mexico City (MX), 2019
Merkki Campamento design fair, Guadalajara (MX), 2019
Merkki Zona Maco, Mexico City (MX), 2019
Galery Art Performer, Shanghaï (CN), 2017
Adrien Dubouchet museum, Limoges (FR), 2017
Lessness, Gallery épisodique hors les murs D’days, Paris (FR), 2016
Ventura lembrate, Salone del mobile, Milan (IT), 2014


Ceramics at Ceramica Suro, Guadalajara (MX), 2021
Ceramics and volcanic lava at Ceramica Suro, Guadalajara (MX), 2019
Maison Rimbault at Harar, Ambassade de France, Addis Abeba (ETH), 2017
Porcelain of Limoges, Beaux-Arts, Limoges, France (FR), 2017
Porcelain at Ceramic Institut, Jingdezhen (CN), 2016


Seminar at ENSCI - Les Ateliers with Barbara N’Dir Gigon, Paris (FR), 2019
Tresse 16 with Barbara N’Dir Gigon, Studio 13/16, Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR), 2017
TD4, Studio 13/16 Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR), 2017
Urban planning, bilingual school, Dakar (SN), 2016
Jury ENSCI - Les Ateliers de Paris (FR), 2016
Scenography of Racine's “Phèdre”, Daniel Mesguich, Pré’part school, Paris (FR), 2016


Head of Design department, Prép’art school, Toulouse (FR), 2015
Designer, Dutch governement “The white building” Prison, Veenhuizen (NL), 2014